Thursday, November 22, 2007

I am thankful.....

I am thankful..... for being here at home this Thanksgiving instead of rushing off after dinner to begin a twelve hour shift, to have so much family so nearby, great friends some of which I have known since grade school and some for only a for few short weeks, my new job that allows me to be off on weekends and holidays to spend more time with those that mean the most, to be able to work part time, for my husband that makes it all possible, for my son's smile and laughter that is so contagious, the health of my family, (if you don't have your health the rest doesn't matter so much), for my health, for my new ENT Dr. McFeely and no he is not on Grey's Anatomy even thought it sounds like he should be, that my surgery and healing process has gone so well thus far and hopefully the return of my hearing and feeling in my left ear, "a safe home and a warm bed on a quiet little street", freedom to be who I am and live the way I choose in a country that was founded on freedom, to God for making it all possible and for you!

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