Sunday, September 14, 2014

She is Redeemed

She Revolution 2014

These past few days, I have been totally wrecked and undone. SHE (Seeking His Embrace) Revolution, the annual women's conference at my church, was this weekend. This year's theme was, "She is Redeemed."

Words cannot begin to describe how truly life changing, encouraging, healing, and refreshing this weekend was for me. I may give it a shot after I have some time to absorb it all. It was like the whole conference was tailor made just for me. For now though, I simply want to share some pearls of wisdom from the speakers.........

Pearls of Wisdom

Jeanne Mayo

"Right choices eventually bring right emotions."

"A man or woman wrapped up in themselves makes a very small package."

"What you cry for today you may cry about tomorrow." 

Holly Wagner

"Your past can help give someone a future."

Sean Smith

"You gotta know the difference between being knocked down and knocked out."

"It's one thing for you to have emotions. It's another things for your emotions to have you." 

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