Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Time of Refreshing

Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the day to day business of life, and not take time for yourself. I am definitely guilty of this on many levels. More so since my Dad died. I have really been struggling with my temper, being patient, and truly appreciating those that God has placed in my life and not taking them for granted.

This past weekend we had the opportunity to go on a couples retreat with our church. It was such a blessing to me. We stayed at Covenant Cove, what a great name for a place to have a marriage retreat. Covenant Cove is located on Lake Guntersville neighboring the Top of the River restaurant. We had the opportunity to learn more about our pastors and their marriage playing the newlywed game, which was a great icebreaker. I would tell you more, but what is said in Guntersville stays in Guntersville.LOL! We also enjoyed getting to know some other couples at church in a more relaxed setting. We took a personality test and the love language test and discussed the results, which was both interesting and enlightening. It required some thought and reflection, which I know I need. I think we all do at times. It gave me some insight as to how I relate to Zack as well as to others.

Spring and fall are wonderful times to reflect outdoors with the beauty and wonder of the seasons. If we want to truly be our best, we must take care of ourselves, so we have more to give to others. I hope you all are able to take some time, whether it be an afternoon or a long weekend to recharge, relax, and reflect and refresh. Relaxation awaits!

I included links to Covenant Cove and the test we took. They will take less than five minutes total. You might learn something about yourself!

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